The power of music in us

Music is omnipresent. It is everywhere, all around us. We could be at work, at school, or even on the road, and there is always going to be music. It weaves stories around people, stories that are filled with emotion, grief, joy and fear. Not many people can resist the power of good music to make them feel something. It has the ability to change the mood of the people who hear it, to enhance their abilities or to transport them elsewhere in their minds. This ability is actually one of the things that attracts us to it in our billions. It invades our consciousness and helps us to rethink the world and everything in it.

A Language Spoken By 8 Billion

In addition to all this, it is a language. Music is a language that people all over the world can understand, because it has no words. An upbeat tune is an upbeat tune, no matter what culture it is played in. A sorrowful dirge is always going to make the heart heavy, even if the words of the song can’t be understood. When used as a language, music is able to connect people across the world and make them unite as one. It can be used to provide a spiritual experience that can have no compare, comforting the grieving in times of need and making the depressed smile without there needing to be a single word spoken. All over the world, it can also be used to promote social togetherness and to enhance the way in which different cultures work with each other.

Uniting People Through Sound

Music is also able to convey an image of where it was made. It is able to draw pictures in the brains of the listeners without having to describe it in words. Everyone can connect to it. Old men drown their woes in whisky and listen to Billy Joel, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Millennials and baby boomers listen to the music of their generations, to the times when rock and roll was huge and the world was a simpler place. Complete strangers at a bar unite to sing the famous lyrics to Piano Man regardless of their ethnicities, genders, social classes and other factors. None of this matters because of the sense of unison that this powerful language instills in us.

In fact, some music is synonymous with movements on a global scale. For example, Silent Night, the age old Christmas hymn, brought German and Allied soldiers out from their trenches and into each others’ camps for a whole night during Christmas Eve, 1942. An allied soldier started singing, and soon German voices joined in, shattering the hate and the tension of war to share a mug of eggnog and some rations for the night.

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